240 Northern is excited to be premiering their newest short film later this season!

Brief Synopsis

This short film explores the palindrome of relationships (nothing to something to nothing) with the backdrop of sparse urban decay and a nod to fengshui in the visual aesthetic. A percussive palindromic symphony is interpreted by two dancers who represent the individuals in relationship. The film’s music and visuals are evenly broken in half and reversed as the act of constructing and deconstructing relationship can look like a reflection of the other. Canadian independent film (8:28 minutes) from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Short History of 240 Northern

Once the home of Buckerfield’s West Coast Seeds, the second floor of 240 Northern began housing four artists studios in March 1991. Since that time artists of a variety of disciplines ranging from Woodworking, Painters, Musicians, Photographers, and Dancers have worked within the historic Douglas-fir building.